Different Areas of Programming You Should Learn in 2018

The IT industry is expected to absorb more large numbers of employees in the coming years. This is one of the most in-demand courses in the country. Almost everyone uses a device that employs technology. Even the medical field is now absorbing many IT experts in its operations. Diagnosis of diseases and keeping of records is now made through the use of computers. The field is expected to grow further in the coming years since more technological advancements are being rolled out. For employers, a university degree or certification is not enough. They are demanding the practical application of the IT skills in operations and problem-solving. It is therefore crucial for an IT student to put much emphasis on the implementation of the learned skills. The following are some of the programming skills that are projected to be in high demand in 2018:

1. Artificial Intelligence Experience

AI is one of the highly demanded skills today. Many people are embracing the role of robotics in voice and speech recognition and other skills that simplifies human work. Machines can do many tasks that were formerly done by humans today. Many algorithms have been developed that can perform tasks nobody could have thought. Therefore skills in AI will be sought after in 2018. A course in AI can be obtained from many learning institutions in the country especially those that offer software QA training courses.

2. Mobile Application Developers

Almost everyone possesses a smartphone. Most tasks customarily conducted on laptops and other bulky desktop computers can now be done on a mobile phone. This means that the demand for mobile phones is going to increase. App developers will also be highly required in 2018. Those who are conversant with multiple programming languages will have an added advantage. Developers with proficiency in skills such as UX and UI in addition to programming language knowledge are in extreme demand. It is therefore advisable for a programmer to know as many languages as possible to improve his/her competence.

3. Cybersecurity Experience

Data security is under more threat than ever. Malicious software such as Trojans, viruses, and rootkits have increased in the recent years. Many companies are therefore taking data security more seriously. This means that individuals with cybersecurity experience will be in higher demand in 2018 than before. Most businesses especially those that store delicate customer information such as banks are expected to employ more cybersecurity experts.

4. Adaptation to new Technologies

Technology is one of the fastest changing things today. Companies have realized this and to stay in the ever competitive market, they now require IT experts who are adaptable to new technological trends. An IT expert should, therefore, stay updated on the latest technologies to remain competent. An outdated IT expert is no longer resourceful to today’s companies. Those that are highly adaptable will be on increasing demand in 2018 and the years to come.

5. SaaS in the Cloud expertise

SaaS is one of the newest technology in cloud computing. In SaaS, a third party hosts an application and avails it to customers on the internet. With SaaS, companies can use apps without hosting them on their servers. The company is saved the costs and time used in software and hardware maintenance as well as licensing. Many companies nowadays have adopted SaaS. This means that individuals with expertise in this technology will be in high demand in 2018. Those with knowledge in other cloud computing disciplines such as PaaS and IaaS have an added advantage.

The technology sector is projected to require about 12% more employees by 2024. Therefore individuals with experience in IT will be in increasing demand for many years in the future.