Top Ten iPhone Applications That Users Will Continue to Love in 2018

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Apps are the cornerstone of the iOS platform of Apple. The ecosystem is what sets the mobile platform of Apple apart from its rivals. Furthermore, the highest-quality iPhone applications typically are best in class. However, the same as any app store, at times it’s difficult to determine what are truly the best applications, the ones that stand out from the others and offer a service or tool, which is far beyond anything else that’s available. For mobile app developers, creating apps for the iPhone is highly relevant, what with the demand for iOS apps and the huge popularity of the iPhone. It pays to be ahead of the game and determine some of the best apps in the market to stay ahead of the competition.


Even if one does not have an iPhone at the moment, it’s worth reading on what’s available in the app store if considering investing in an iPhone device. This year, check out the apps that made it to the top ten on the list.

  1. Dark Sky. It’s a weather application that would make one do a double-take upon realizing what it’s capable of. Rather than giving a standard weather forecast, developers of Dark Sky opted to go a step further and proactively alert when nasty weather is heading one’s way. Predicting the weather obviously is not an exact science, but with exact location, Dark Sky could pull in data and tailor the application to give the weather around. It may be a bit costly, but the peace of mind one gets is well worth it. The app keeps the interface elegant and simple.
  2. Fitbit. Considered as the best overall fitness application. It’s an easy way of tracking daily exercises and log food intake. It also engages with friends for a friendly fitness competition. Live a more active, healthier life with Fitbit. The app could be used on its own for tracking basic activity and runs on the phone or connect with one of the many activity trackers and the Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale for a complete picture of one’s health, such as steps, calories burned, distance, weight, sleep and more.
  3. PicsArt Photo Studio. The best photo application for the iPhone. It’s an easy to use and attractively-designed app, which helps edit photos with filters, mashups, collages, frames, overlays and more. It has an incredible amount of feature for editing and adding effects to images. The application has its own community, allowing one to share the images to popular social networks. When looking for an app that does it all, PicsArt Photo Studio could be the right one.
  4. Spotify. Deemed as the best music application for social sharing. Regardless of the growing competition, Spotify still is the top of the pack for streaming music with a clean, fresh design, which goes beyond streaming music with podcasts, videos and extra features. Is massive collection community-driven playlists means that one could find great music for any activity, mood or holiday.
  5. Notcho. It is one of the cheekier applications on the App Store and perhaps would have the best been named ‘Notch? or No in short. It is designed to hide divisive iPhone X notch. It does this through making smart edits to wallpaper, adding curved corners, which hide the notch within a black bar. The wallpaper creation is pretty good, with different fit options and the option to stick with less pronounced corners or straight edges.
  6. Smiling Mind. It’s an approachable, straightforward meditation app that aims to slow one down a bit and embrace mindfulness. The app starts off with a simple exercise, which introduces the concept, before getting one started with short practice sessions. It urges a user to input how one feels, and keep tracks the progress over time. In addition, together with providing programs for adults, the application also offers exercises designed for children. Everything about Smiling Mind is calming, from the stylish interface to the lack of a price tag. It is made by a non-profit, its intent on only relieving a user of stress instead of money.
  7. Habitica. It is a to-do list tracker. It does something very different in the particular application category that could transform boring lists into a game. The idea is to input all things that have to be sorted out, including one-off items and day-to-day goals. As you check off tasks, a little on-screen avatar gets powered up, acquiring pets, armor, skills and guests. Get some friends invested to battle monsters alongside them, or just keep all honest.
  8. Squigglish. It is a very silly drawing application, on account of the fact that the brush strokes wiggle. There are several variety on offer as well, from snaking, thick, gloopy lines that only jiggles a bit, to spiky electrified offerings, which give them the impression that the artwork has just been jabbed to a socket.
  9. JigSpace. Is an education application that reasons learning things better in 3D, on the basis of this is how we experience the real world, which is a good point. It’s great to learn how the transmission of a car works via reading about it, or even poring over an exploded illustration in a book. It does use the augmented reality of iOS smarts to project different objects to a flat surface. These could be explored and fiddled around with, in a way that hints at the future of anything, from repair manuals to textbooks.
  10. Meteor. It is an internet speed tester that’s designed for human beings. It eschews complicated information and even advertisings, rather than providing with colorful, straightforward buttons and readouts. An inviting ‘Start Testing’ button kicks off things, wherein the app sets about checking the performance of the internet connection, a little meteor that animates on-screen as it does so. Once tests are done, speeds are scored and available from the History tab subsequently.

There is more to come in the iPhone app environment. An application development company enjoys great demand and profitability continues growing.