Medium Writing Rules

Medium is a fantastic platform with excellent writers and readers. It`s a wonderful place to build an audience and share your writing. I hope this guide has given you some insight and helps you take advantage of everything Medium has to offer. Publications are collections of published stories. Each publication is managed by one or more editors who publish articles based on the subject of the publication. For example, my publication The Writing Cooperative focuses on writing, while Better Humans focuses on self-improvement. On Medium, stories can only appear in one post at a time. I can teach you how to start writing successfully on support. If you really want to become good at average writing, please heed this advice. Let me say this in the kindest and sweetest way possible.

Instead of worrying about Medium`s algorithm, what other writers write, or what people say in Facebook groups, focus on yourself. It does not have to be that way. You`re good enough at writing to do it on Medium. They are good enough to be in the top ten percent of average authors. My students regularly reach this milestone. Medium is both a great writing experience for authors and a great reading experience for readers. Here are some great examples of articles that highlight storytelling design elements you can include in your Medium article. At its core, Medium is a great place to read amazing stories — from commentary on nonprofit resources, laptop reviews to writing tips, tech journalism to CEO letters — anything you`re interested in can be found here. Your content doesn`t need to be long and fully elaborate.

This is in contrast to writing on LinkedIn, where long-form content seems to get the most engagement in the 1,900 to 2,000 word range. Short content that is actionable can work just as well as complete instructions on support. As a beginner at Medium, writing answers can be a great way to connect with people on the platform without having to commit to writing a full story. It can also help you come up with ideas for your first story if you decide to write it. By clicking on a single title in the statistics, you will get more details about this story. Here you can see a breakdown of viewers over time, how much the story has earned (if measured), where viewers are coming from, and what topics the story viewers are interested in (available only when a story reaches about 1,000 views). These additional details may provide information when marketing your writing. Medium isn`t exactly the place to post sales and marketing-intensive content.

As a business, you can of course include your links when needed, but don`t push your product or service too much into the content. In fact, Medium herself says this is generally frowned upon in her writing community. Don`t write for money. Write because writing is great. Then hit the perfect point. Then you make money. The full list of content-related rules can be found in this article on Medium Rules. This guide to writing materials will help you stand out from the competition.

You`re probably wondering, are medium writers really paid? Or is it just a pipe dream? Aside from quality writing, there is no silver bullet – building an audience takes time and effort. People who choose to follow you give you access to their time. Talk about a big problem! Make sure you create content that people can interact with. As you`ll probably notice, writing in Medium`s editor is very intuitive and, stylistically, almost impossible to mess up. Use a medium to practice your writing. It will get better and more people will see your work. Almost every successful writer I know holds some sort of quota to develop a creative habit. Either it`s the number of words or the time spent. Set an easy-to-achieve writing goal.

I`m not going to dive deep into the actual writing process, but here are some guides that will be very helpful to you: Writing elements on the page refer to individual optimizations made to a piece of content to improve its ease of search and usability. This is often done for SEO reasons, but Medium has on-page optimizations that can also be done to increase visibility. Violations of our policies may result in consequences such as account restrictions, restricted distribution of your posts, and suspension of your account. We may restrict the distribution of controversial or extreme content. Mike Essex tested the results of his writing on Medium and found that the publication was worth it. Some publications have separate newsletters that you can subscribe to. These vary depending on the publication, but newsletters are an additional way to track the content you want to read. For example, This Week In Writing from The Writing Cooperative offers a preview of writing every Tuesday.

However, your submission must comply with Medium`s content policies and rules. For example, you can`t promote controversial or extreme content on your Medium account. They can make it easier to buy or sell social media interactions, even outside the platform. And you can`t publish anything that counts as affiliate marketing content. Medium has rules for clickbaits. You don`t want to overdo it. But you can write attractive titles without breaking their rules. I made a video on YouTube on how to do just that. We may also change these rules at any time. We track changes to our policies on Github so you can see how they work. Paragraphs can span several sentences, but I choose to keep mine shorter. You don`t have to write like that, but I personally like to write in this format and I think people who read my articles prefer it too.

In the Settings menu, you can also update your username/profile page URL. When you log in to Twitter, the URL of your profile page is by default. But you are free to change it. You can also control the email notifications you receive from Medium from the Settings menu. (See the following sections to learn what triggers these notifications.) Other important things to keep in mind when it comes to furnishing? Add a profile picture and write a short bio (max. 160 characters) for your intermediate profile page. (Note: If you log in via Twitter, your Twitter profile picture and bio will automatically sync with your Medium account.) I wrote for free for over a year because I loved it and wanted to improve. My biggest competitive advantage has always been the fact that writing is not a job for me. That has never been the case. It`s joy.

Imagine starting a blog with no overhead. Imagine having a place online where you can write down your thoughts, advice, and ideas and share them with an integrated audience and immediate potential for viral traffic. Imagine a very good writing application. They will also get better and better, so people will start to enjoy your writing and look forward to it. Member Content PoliciesTo be eligible for member-only inclusion and potential content monetization, User Submissions must comply with all of the following media content policies and content requirements. We have established these additional guidelines for member-only stories to create a fair environment for writers in our affiliate program and a richer reading experience for members. Medium`s feed displays only the first tag applied to each article. Do you want to stand out? Do not select generic tags.

I often ask writers to change the first day of a cooperative writing story from writing to something more unique. Every story in this post is about writing, so it shouldn`t appear in the feed. If you believe that your content or account has been restricted or disabled in error, or if you believe that there is relevant context that we did not know about when we made our decision, you can write to us at We will consider all good faith efforts to appeal. Let`s start with some media writing tips, then dive into advertising and more. If you break the rules, we strive to be fair, but we reserve the right to suspend accounts or remove content for any reason without notice, including, but not limited to, to protect our services, infrastructure, users, or community. If you try to circumvent the suspension by creating new accounts or posts, we`ll suspend your new accounts and posts. Should you join Medium if you have a separate, dedicated channel to share your texts? I can certainly see the case for both sides, and as you`ll read below, there may even be good intermediate options covering both sides. Anything published in less than 150 words is considered an abbreviated form on a medium. These stories automatically generate special formatting that provides the best possible user experience for these short stories. In addition, abbreviated content is subject to additional rules, such as the fact that it is not distributed by Medium through the platform.