Mercurio Rojo En Venezuela Es Legal

A CEDIB report found that “mercury trade networks are structured in the same way as cartels, involving multiple levels of importers, wholesalers and retailers. They are well positioned and usually operate in secret, as most transactions are informal. Mercury seeps into the departments of Nariño and Putumayo through the southern border that shares the country with Peru, usually hidden in 2.5-liter soft drink bottles, geologist Jairo Herrera revealed. A key event in Red Mercury`s history was an article in the Russian newspaper Pravda published in 1993. The authors claimed to be based on leaked top-secret memos, claiming the red was mercury: As reported by InSight Crime, the Colombian government ratified the Minamata Convention in August 2019 to reduce domestic mercury consumption by 180 tons per year and declare the country mercury-free by 2023. SEE ALSO: Peru mercury seizure targets illegal gold mining Much of the mercury that enters the country illegally is transported to the city of Medellín for distribution to illegal operations in northern Antioquia and Chocó. In search of red mercury, Wynn first heard about the phenomenon while working on the pyramids of Giza in Egypt and shared an office with prominent Egyptologist Dr. Zahi Hawass. Luis E.

Fernández, director of the Carnegie Amazon Mercury Ecosystem Project (CAMEP), told InSight Crime that mercury from industrial and dental use could end up in illegal supply chains. Before the debate is declared open, the parties are granted a provisional point, and then the right to speak is granted to the defence, which says: given that the file was requested on Wednesday and it was impossible to verify it, it expresses its concern because I expect the file in more than an hour and yesterday, It was checked in the afternoon and there was no cost, and stresses that the file has not been found and is now included in the indictment, requests that time be granted for the examination of the criminal charges in order to exercise the appropriate defence. The Tribunal went on to make some reflections, and then the Seventh Attorney-General of the Public Prosecutor`s Office noted that the title of the agenda did not indicate all the crimes of which currently persecuted citizens were accused. The court stresses that the indictment will be presented today and then grants the defence the requested time for the examination and analysis of the charges presented, and in this sense the hearing is suspended. The hearing will continue at 9:11 a.m. In that State, the debate was declared open and the second prosecutor of the Public Prosecutor`s Office, Prosecutor R.M., was then given the facts that led to it briefly and stated that the seventh prosecutor of the Public Prosecutor`s Office had extended what had happened to what had happened. He also presented the elements of the conviction and the reasons for its award, as well as the evidence presented. I formally accuse the citizens: ODACIR DAMO, ARNOBIO MONTEIRO MAIA, F.C.D.S., J.D.S.B., A.M.S., J.C.D.M., J.G.N., V.R.D.S., O.R.M. and M.G.C., of having committed the crimes of smuggling, provided for and punished in Article 104, paragraph A, of the Customs Code, AGAVILLAMIENTO, and sanctioned by Article 287 of the Criminal Code in force, and CONCEALMENT AND IMPORTATION OF WEAPONS, CLASSIFIED AS WAR, provided for and punished in article 275 of the Ejusdem, in accordance with article 3 of the Law on Arms and Explosives, to the detriment of the Venezuelan State. He then gives the evidence on which he bases his indictment. It states that, in accordance with the provisions of Article 326, paragraph 5, of the Code of Organic Criminal Procedure, it submits as evidence for the hearing, because of its necessity and relevance, the following witness statements: (1) Customs expert TSU R.T.L.H., assigned to the main customs office in Puerto Ayacucho, State of Amazonas. (2) TCNEL (GN) F.M.R.

and Captain (GN) P.M.R., of the Operations Department of Regional Command No. 9 of the Venezuelan National Guard. (3) STTE (GN) J.A.Z.P., assigned to Border Command No. 94 of the National Guard. 4) (GN) Gaidi J.H.G. 5) (GN) L.M.M.F. 6) (GN) S.G.E. and 7) W.A.L.C.

I also ask the representative of the Public Prosecutor`s Office to attach the following documents as evidence for reading: 1) Police report of 4 May 2004, signed by the troops, STTE (GN) J.A.Z.P. under the command of the National Guards L.M.F., W.L.C., Gaidi Herrera González, G.R.M. and S.G.E., Border Department No. 94 of the National Guard, based in San F.d.A. (2) Official Letter No. CR-9-DF-94-SO: 419, dated 06-05-2.004, signed by TCNEL (GN) J.G.A.B., Commander of Border Department No. 94 of the National Guard of Venezuela. 3) Deed of appointment dated 16.06.004, signed by Mr. Carlos Rivera Reina, Chief of Main Customs of Puerto Ayacucho, State of Amazonas. 4) Act of recognition dated 18.06.004, signed by the customs expert, TSU R.T.L.H., attached to the main customs duty of Puerto Ayacucho, State of Amazonas. 5) Technical Control Act of 15.05.004, signed by TCNEL. F.M.R.

and Captain (GN) P.M.R., assigned to the Operations Department of Regional Command No. 9 of the Venezuelan National Guard. (6) Result of expert report No 43/9700-225-1917 of 1. July 2004, executed by officers of the Scientific and Criminal Investigation Corps, Amazon delegation, executed with the hunting rifle, 16 mm caliber, unmarked CBG, seized by the accused hidden in the bongo in which the citizens were traveling at the time of arrest. The Public Prosecutor`s Office refers to the provisions of article 275 of the Criminal Code pursuant to article 3 of the Arms and Explosives Act, which criminalizes the concealment and importation of weapons classified as weapons of war. The second prosecutor goes on to say that he promoted the required expertise when it is proven that the seized shotgun is a 16-gauge shotgun, with the aggravating circumstance that they did not carry a document indicating the legality of the carrying, which is why he presents the charges laid today. Finally, I request that the indictment and the evidence presented by the representation of this prosecutor, the prosecution of the accused and the imposition of the corresponding sentence and decree of deprivation of liberty be admitted and convicted for the above-mentioned crimes.