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Wwe Extreme Rules 2020 Mvp

Four of the games on the main map were played under a hardcore/horror layout. In the Main Event, which was the main match of SmackDown, Bray Wyatt, who briefly returned to his cult leader persona for that match, defeated Braun Strowman in a Wyatt Swamp Fight produced as a cinematic match. In the final match at the Performance Center, Drew McIntyre defeated Dolph Ziggler and defended the WWE Championship from Raw in an Extreme Rules match in which the provision only applied to Ziggler. McIntyre had to wrestle according to the regular rules of the singles match. In other celebrity matches, Seth Rollins defeated Rey Mysterio in an Eye for an Eye match, and in the opening match, Cesaro and Shinsuke defeated Nakamura The New Day (Big E and Kofi Kingston) in a table match to win the SmackDown Tag Team Championship. The deck was stacked against Drew McIntyre in his WWE Title defense against Dolph Ziggler. But even in a match where Extreme Rules was unique to Ziggler — and where Ziggler could also become the new WWE champion by pinfall, submission, disqualification or countout — McIntyre still found a way to win. McIntyre quickly became frustrated as he was handcuffed by the unique but clever rules chosen by his former tag team partner. Instead, The King of Claymore Country had to get creative to increase brutality without risking disqualification — and resorted to things like throwing Ziggler`s face first into the plexiglass in the ring. Ziggler did everything he could to take advantage of his chosen fate by blowing McIntyre into the leg before he could try a claymore, then followed with a zigzag for a near-fall.

Moments later, The Showoff climbed the top rope and jumped to lead McIntyre through a table outside. As frustrated as McIntyre was, Ziggler was driven mad by his inability to sideline McIntyre. McIntyre caught Ziggler preparing too long for a possible superkick and bombarding him with a massive claymore for the win. The Horror Show at Extreme Rules was the 12th annual professional wrestling pay-per-view event for WWE. It was played for wrestlers in the promotion`s Raw and SmackDown brand divisions. The event was broadcast on July 19, 2020. While most of the event was broadcast live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, the main event was taped on July 16 and 17 at an undisclosed location about two hours from Orlando. The concept of Extreme Rules is that the event features various hardcore matches. The 2020 event was the only Extreme Rules event to have a modified title, and as the name suggests, the event had horror matches on the map with a base in hardcore wrestling. He signed with WWE in 2015 and was assigned to the NXT brand, where he received his current ring name. He was promoted to WWE`s main roster in April 2016, where he won the United States Championship in May 2020 and later the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania 37. It all started when Ziggler revealed a surprising condition for the match: these are extreme rules, but only for Ziggler.

If McIntyre uses a weapon, is counted or disqualified, Ziggler is the new champion. The layout kind of screams “McIntyre is going to win this game,” but in the end, it was fun. In the final match at the Performance Center, Drew McIntyre defended the WWE Championship against Dolph Ziggler. After their respective appearances, Ziggler revealed the condition he had chosen: an Extreme Rules match in which the provision applied only to him, while McIntyre had to fight under the normal rules of the single match, with the added condition that McIntyre would lose the title if he was disqualified or counted. During the game, Ziggler used several weapons throughout the game and took advantage of the one-sided rules. In the end, McIntyre countered a superkick in a claymore kick on Ziggler to defend the title. [33] WWE Championship — Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler (Extreme Rules for the Challenger): Before the match, Ziggler revealed that the match would be subject to extreme rules for himself, but not for McIntyre, who could also lose the title by countout or disqualification. McIntyre dominated from the start, throwing Ziggler, while Ziggler tried to get him to use a chair to be disqualified. Ziggler made his way briefly and set up a table, but McIntyre came back roaring. McIntyre almost confused Ziggler across the table, but turned and instead confused him on the ground to dodge the DQ. Ziggler used a low blow and several blows with a steel chair, including one that slammed McIntyre`s throat into another chair, but he only managed to get a pair of narrators.

Ziggler locked a sleeper on McIntyre who couldn`t use the ropes to break the handle, but McIntyre hit him on the mat anyway. McIntyre hit the Alabama Slam reverse and went for the Claymore, but Ziggler hit him in the leg with the chair and hit the Zig Zag for a near fall. What a concept. This fight #WWEChampionship will be a #ExtremeRules match. ONLY for @HEELZiggler! If @DMcIntyreWWE do something outside the rules of a single game, we have a NEW #WWEChampion.

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