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Woolworths Legal Contact

If you`re a Woolworth customer with a complaint, use our free feedback form and let us know what happened. Another great way to reach the company is to send a quick email to customer service using the feedback@woolworths.com.au or shoponline@woolworths.com.au address. I called Woolworths at the Musgrave Centre to see if they had the bread I liked. The first time I called, I was put on hold forever and the switchboard didn`t even have the decency to come back to me. It was a cell phone. On the second call I made, I talked to the lady about it and she said she would help me get through – with the same result. I then made a third call to talk to the director and was abruptly cut off. That`s the kind of service I get when I`m still shopping at Woolies – totally disgusting. Then I called the head office in Durban, where a lady named Leverne told me she would try to figure out what I needed.

And that`s it, your employees don`t even know what the store has in stock. I was told that what I wanted was abandoned because I had just bought the ciabatta bread in the same store a few days ago. That`s what I told her and she mentioned that now she was going to go to the store herself and call me back. I AM STILL WAITING FOR THAT CALL. It`s the worst service I`ve ever had. First. Star rating -0. I do my online store every week. We always forget things, this week it was 4kg of chicken breast. My weekly orders are close to $1000. This week, it was only $439.

I have parents who pay their children`s school fees, but I can`t provide the food. Tomorrow I will have a lot of angry teachers and teachers taking care of parents. My job is to order their food. Today I asked for my chicken to be delivered as it was missing from the order. Value of $38. I was told twice that because the chicken only cost $39, I couldn`t get it re-delivered because it cost less than $50. Then I was asked if I could go to Nerang and pick it up. You have me. So NOT EXCEPTIONAL.

I now have financial and HOD problems as the money has been refunded to the company card and I am not allowed to do so. We`re going to take our business somewhere else now because it`s a bad work ethic. You can contact me on 0490248728. Tammy There must be some kind of excuse for that, because I didn`t get anything during the moments I called. One of your employees at the Narrabri store removed products with today`s use date or expiration date (I didn`t see the date – he said it was today`s date) and refused to let me buy a product, saying in words, “We can`t sell it to you.” I checked the policy and yes, you are allowed to sell it to me if the expiration date is not exceeded. In addition, I suspect that the product (pomegranate ariels) would have had an expiration date and can therefore be legally sold after the date. Moreover, he was quite rude about it. When I shopped on my local coast of Woolworths in Tasmania, I used the self-service checkout.

I am a frequent customer and I know this service has changed recently and is a bit slow and feisty. However, when there was a problem, I looked for your customer service representative. It was a busy Saturday morning. Sarah, a staff member, was talking to another employee. So I waited and waited until I had to apologize. Well, she obviously wasn`t happy that I interrupted their conversation. And quickly informed me that the error was caused by myself. Ok no problem. Then it happened again. I turn to Sarah, who is talking to the employee again. I ask her if it`s my fault this time and she says yes, it`s because I moved my pockets.

I ask him his name while telling him that I don`t like his customer service very much. She is very outrageous when she tells me her name. Very rude person. I am very angry at this point. I talked to a gentleman at the service counter. When I left, I noticed that she was at the same cash register and helping someone else. Maybe this cash register isn`t working properly today and it`s not the customer`s fault. I often shop at this Woolworths and have always found the other staff members to be polite. I was on Saturday 15/6/19 around 12:15 on the coast. Yes, I had the exact same problem with my delivery, $78.40 (about 3 bags) was not delivered and I can`t work with anyone at WOOLWORTH!!! It will also be MY LAST PURCHASE AT WOOLWORTHS.

My usual spend is over $300 with each order, so they won`t get it in the future. Are there actually employees at Woolworths or does everyone get DUMB OLIVE when a customer tries to get in touch? Woolworth`s has a customer service number and contact details on the FAQ and Help website, but it`s hard to find. You need to look on the left side of the page to see the link to the contact phone numbers. If you would like to call the Woolworth Customer Service Hotline to report a problem, the phone number is 1800 000 610 and the best time to reach them is Monday to Friday from 6am to 12pm. It sounds rather strange for a customer hotline, but you can always give it a try. Online order number: o726946715 I ordered a package from Woolworths online to be delivered today, 30 March 2019, between 10:00 and 13:00. It is now 1:50 p.m. and no packages have been delivered.

This is now the second time in 2 weeks that exactly the same thing has happened. I am deeply disappointed and unhappy because I relied on this delivery. Many calls to your center did not bring any results because the nice lady who helped me could not reach the DSV messaging driver because her contact phone was on the voicemail. exactly the same as 2 weeks ago. Maybe it`s time for Woolworths to use this mail as they are unreliable and give Woolworths a bad name. MOST DISGUSTING TRAUMA, ABUSE OF A WOOLWORTHS CUSTOMER/BUYER @WOOLWORTHS LABORI Paarl. South Africa`s complaint is the headquarters of Woolworths Cape Town, for two years without closure Rosalene Jacobs SOLE SUPPLIER HAS LOST HIS JOB, WOOLWORTHS MARKS HIS PROFESSIONAL CREDENTIALS, DEFAMES THE CHARACTER AS A MENTALLY DISABLED PERSON WHO IS NOT SUITABLE FOR ANY PROFESSION THAT WORKS WITH PEOPLE/PUBLIC. WOOLWORTHS CLAIMED THAT ALL MY PREVIOUS EMPLOYERS HAD CONTACTED HER WITH A LEGAL MEDICAL CERTIFICATE ON THE SPOT, THE INCIDENT WAS CONTACTED ON THE 15TH. June 2017 IN WOOLWORTHS HEAD OFFICE, CAPE TOWN, WFS HEAD OF YOUR INVESTIGATION / ITS POLICE, CUSTOMER BAD SERVESe complaint, CEO, iAN MOIR and copies to all board members without closure all promises of assistance, TRAUMA COUNSELING, COMPENSATION, WHILE THE DISPUTE UNFOLDS WITHOUT CLOSURE / 911 CALL FOR HELP / GUESS HO TO MAKE YOU LISTEN AND AND URGENTLY BRING THE CONCLUSION, SINCE MY LIFE TURNED INTO A NIGHTMARE, ROSALENE JACOBS SAID THE CLAIM WAS NOT TRUE/CONTEXUAL I want to complain about the new system that has been implemented in self-service registers in supermarkets.

Today at Woolworths, Morayfield was my first experience with this system and I am unhappy with the whole experience. I have always used my own bags for at least 20 years (even though I was then looked at as if I came from another planet) and now I am questioned every time I go shopping? The bagging area is not very spacious and when I try to push the bags into the cart or even rearrange them, this machine questions my motivations and demands that I hand them over. If I have heavy or bulky items, I put them in the bagging area after they`ve been scanned, but when I try to transfer them to the cart, he tells me to put them back in the bag. This is a “Big Brother is watching you” affair and manages to make your customers feel guilty even if they know they haven`t done anything illegal. There is certainly another way to deal with the problem. Come on, Woolworths pulls up your socks and stop humiliating loyal and long-time customers. Hi, I have a complaint about my Woolworths Store card account I was late on my payment but I made a payment on what I owe I did I was told I could only use card 1. Was said 24 hours and then said again 10 business days after that was said 3 business days now after your only next month, so why I have to wait so long, I have to shop this is the reason I took the card I need answers on what Storie is with my account I am an exclusive very long term customer of Woolworth (about over 40 years) and recently had bad experiences with the meat department at the Sevastopol supermarket.

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