New Age Rules

What are your New Age parenting rules? What rules work for you? Let me know in the comments. New Age Law – Inner Truth In New Age Law, all authority resides in the individual. If each of us is God and God is each of us, we can only decide the legitimacy of an action when we come into contact with our inner God. Thus, each of us acts as our own legal authority, and any manifestation of external authority hinders our communication with our divinity. Shakti Gawain explains the problem of imposing external authority when he says: “The real problem with engaging with an external form is that it leaves no room for inevitable changes and growth of people and relationships. If you promise to feel or behave according to certain rules, you will ultimately have to decide if you are true to yourself or if you stay true to those rules. 2 When we choose to honor rules other than the inner truth, we sacrifice our divinity. Gawain repeats what happens when we look at authority outside of ourselves: “When we constantly suppress and distrust our intuitive knowledge,” Gawain writes, “instead, we seek authority, affirmation, and recognition from others, we surrender our personal power.” 3 There is therefore a desire in cosmic humanistic thought to abandon externally imposed laws to govern society. Only after attaining a higher consciousness by connecting with the God within, can cosmic humanists act under the right authority. Their actions are lawful if they correspond to the reality they create. Gawain explains: “When each of us connects to our inner spiritual consciousness, we learn that the creative power of the universe is within us. We also learn that we can create our own reality and take responsibility for it.

4 Which side should you choose – should you be a friend or a relative? What is safe – helicopter or tiger education? What is the standard – CBSE school or IB council? New Age parents face many burdens and anxiety every day. Parenthood is the greatest power you`ve ever been given. And with great power comes great responsibility, as this guy from Spidey tells you! But power and responsibility can be appreciated and executed without being stressed. Let`s get rid of the hysteria surrounding modern parenting and simplify it with these five parenting rules I tailor-made for today`s New Age parents: That`s how this article came to mind. Through my experience, learning from elders, friends and researching the Internet, I have adopted some parenting rules. Here are some of them: Blavatsky`s successor, Annie Besant, predicted the coming of a Messiah or savior of the world, whom she believed to be the Indian teacher Jiddu Krishnamurti. In the 1940s, Alice A. Bailey, founder of the Arcane School (an organization that spreads spiritual teachings), suggested that a new Messiah, Master Maitreya, would appear in the last quarter of the 20th century. Bailey also created the “Triangles” program to bring people together in groups of three to meditate daily. Participants in the program believed that they were receiving divine energy, which they shared with their fellow human beings, thereby raising the overall level of spiritual awareness.

Parents of this generation have the luxury of learning more information about the different types of parenting and advice via the Internet, and also receiving advice from previous generations. While some tips may or may not work, we learn a lot on this journey. In the flood of channeled material published or delivered to a “live” audience over the past two decades, there are indeed many trivial, contradictory and confusing things. The authors of much of this material make claims that, while not necessarily false or fraudulent, are difficult or impossible for the reader to verify. A number of other channeled documents deal with issues that are more directly related to the human condition. The best of these writings are not only coherent and plausible, but eloquently convincing and sometimes disarming. New Age often adopts spiritual ideas and practices from other cultures, especially non-Western ones. These include “Hawaiian Kahuna magic, Australian Aboriginal dream work, South American Native American ayahuasca and San Pedro ceremonies, Hindu Ayurveda and yoga, Chinese feng shui, qigong and tai chi.”[391] We used to play at least an hour after school in the evening. Cycling, hide and seek, scoring and playing, throwing balls, cycling, skateboarding, swimming, etc. – we have plenty of opportunities to play outside when the weather permits.

And absolutely, yes, take these kids outside to explore and climb trees. I am with you to the end! One criticism of New Age often voiced by leftists is that its emphasis on individualism distracts participants from socio-political activism. [418] This perspective sees New Age as a manifestation of consumerism that promotes elitism and enjoyment by allowing the wealthiest to assert their socioeconomic status through the consumption of New Age products and therapies. [419] New Agers involved in social policy have also been criticized. Journalist Harvey Wasserman has suggested that New Age activists are too opposed to social conflict to be politically effective. [420] Melton et al. noted that New Age activists` engagement in the often frustrating process of consensual decision-making led to “prolonged meetings and minimal results,”[337] and two futurists concluded that a once promising group of New Age activists was both “too visionary and too vague” to exist. [421] The healing elements of the movement are difficult to classify because a variety of terms are used, with some New Age writers using different terms to refer to the same tendencies, while others use the same term to refer to different things.

[212] However, Hanegraaff developed a number of categories into which New Age forms of healing could be roughly divided.