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Nebraska Vehicle Emission Laws

The maximum gross weight limit and axle weight limit for vehicles or combinations of vehicles equipped with idle reduction technology may exceed the state`s gross weight limit up to 550 pounds per vehicle to compensate for the additional weight of idle reduction technology. A fully autonomous vehicle or a driverless vehicle may be used without a driver in the vehicle if the vehicle is capable of driving, registered and insured in accordance with traffic and engine safety laws and regulations. If a driver is present, the driver shall be duly authorised if a manual check of the vehicle is required. Other terms and conditions apply. (See Nebraska Revised Statutes 60-3301 to 60-3311) If a Nebraska resident is seeking registration of a vehicle and the vehicle falls into one of the following categories, it must be inspected to be registered: The state of Nebraska does not offer tax credits or deductions for driving “green” or “green” vehicles. However, with the recent tax reform bill passed by the U.S. Congress in late 2017, the U.S. federal government decided to maintain its $7500 tax deduction for alternative fuel vehicles. Vehicle owners can receive federal tax credits for the following types of replacement vehicles: An excise tax of $0.095 per gallon or gallon equivalent of gasoline (BSE) is levied on all compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG) and propane sold for use in registered motor vehicles.

In addition, any retailer of this fuel must pay an excise tax of $0.068 per gallon or BSE on all CNG, LNG and propane fuels sold for use in registered motor vehicles. Additional fees set out annually in these by-laws may apply. (See Nebraska Revised Statutes 66-6,102, 66-6,107 and 66-6,109) Otherwise, your vehicle will only fail the inspection if the vehicle chassis number does not match the chassis number in the title and/or registration. In this case, you must gather and provide all documents proving why these vehicle identification numbers do not match. The county sheriff`s office will give you detailed instructions tailored to your situation. While there are no requirements for vehicle emissions testing in Nebraska, there are many reasons why Nebraska vehicle owners should consider maintaining their vehicle`s emissions control systems in addition to protecting the environment. Below are summaries of all laws, incentives, regulations, funding opportunities, and other initiatives in Nebraska related to alternative fuels and vehicles, advanced technologies, or clean air. You can directly access summaries of: * Mileage is for county sheriff`s office purposes and does not determine whether your vehicle passes or fails. Nebraska does not require smog or emissions testing, but it does require vehicle inspections for vehicle registration. During these inspections, the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is compared to the current title and/or registration and mileage*.

Nebraska provides exemptions for inspections of the following vehicles: The Natural Gas Fuel Board (Board) was created to advise the Nebraska Energy Office on the promotion of natural gas as a motor vehicle fuel. The Commission makes recommendations regarding: You have your vehicle inspected at your county sheriff`s office: Low-speed vehicles can only operate on roads with a speed limit of up to 35 miles per hour (mph), but can cross highways with a speed limit of more than 35 miles per hour. A low-speed vehicle is a four-wheeled motor vehicle with a gross vehicle weight not exceeding 3,000 pounds and a maximum speed of not less than 20 mph but not more than 25 mph. A low-speed vehicle must be manufactured in accordance with the federal standards for low-speed vehicles referenced in Title 49 of the United States Code of Federal Regulations, Section 571.500. (See Nebraska Revised Statutes 60-119.01 and 60-6,380) A $75 fee is required to register an AFV that runs on electricity, solar, or any other energy source that is not otherwise taxed under state fuel tax laws. Compressed natural gas, liquefied natural gas and propane are not subject to this requirement. (See Nebraska Revised Statutes 60-306 and 60-3,191) The state of Nebraska currently has no requirements for vehicle emissions testing. However, vehicles registered in Nebraska must complete a vehicle inspection, which consists of a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and odometer check.

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