How CBD Oil Can Help in Losing Weight?

losing weight

We all know the reason why one gains weight. It is simply because you are taking more calories than you are using it.

However, our ability to burn fat will be affected by number of factors, and also compromised metabolism can often occur due to hormonal imbalance as well as few changes in our inflammation status, metabolic patterns and function of our endocannabinoid system.

To obtain steady weight loss, you need to return the body to a healthy balance between immune, digestive and nervous system and the endocannabinoid system works as a bridge between all of them.

Therefore, how you can modulate your endocannabinoid system by using CBD gummies for sale? Read on to know what are the latest studies about CBD for weight loss.

CBD Oil Can Help in Losing Weight

  1. Suppresses appetite

CBD can help you in losing weight by reducing your appetite. Though most people link cannabis with appetite stimulation, people smoking weed may feel hungry, which is true for THC but not CBD.

As per 2018 study, the CB1 receptor antagonists can help in reducing appetite and control your obesity as they will block the receptor.

  1. Turns on all fat browning in your Body

Many CBD advocates claim that CBD will convert white fat into brown fat, that may improve our body’s ability to burn calories.

White fat will be responsible for enhancing the risk of various chronic conditions, like heart disease or diabetes, fat-browning process can also benefit you for few other areas of our health.

  1. Reduces risk of any metabolic disorders

Obesity may trigger a number of metabolic disorder due to overactivation of CB receptors in our body. If CB1 receptors is overstimulated in our fat tissue all throughout the body, then this can contribute to obesity as well as metabolic symptoms.

As CBD is able to block off CB1 receptors, hence it can also reduce the risk of obesity.

  1. Helps by improving insulin resistance

By eating foods, the level of our blood sugar will rise and end up disturbing our insulin level. Recent study proved that cannabinoids such as CBD, THC and CBN can enhance the potential of cell to absorb glucose, which is better than any other medicines prescribed for patients of high sugar.

  1. Can fix mitochondrial dysfunction

When insulin will bring glucose to your cells, then mitochondria will use it for producing “fuel” to our body and brain. However, if insulin resistance occurs, capabilities of mitochondria are impaired too.

2016 lab study has researched about the CBD impact on metabolic function of our fat cell cultures that recorded significant mitochondrial improvement by administrating CBD.

  1. Reduces inflammation

2016 study has shown a vivid link existing between inflammation and overstimulated endocannabinoid system. With application of CBD, it can help in fixing this dysfunction.

  1. Repairs liver damage

Obesity and diabetes can damage liver cells overburdening our liver with the intake of high sugar which may prove disastrous for your liver system. Inflammation within your liver is an important indicator of onset of dysfunction. It can lead to certain non-alcoholic fatty disease of liver.

2015, research conducted certain study on CBD impact on metabolic dysfunction and the results suggested that all these non-psychoactive cannabinoids will reduce development of triglycerides in our liver.