Best Business Keynote Speakers

Natalie Nixon is a leading speaker in change management, consultant and expert in strategy, foresight and innovation. As President and Founder of Figure 8 Thinking, LLC., she advises executives on unique approaches to process transformation and uses creativity as a resource for innovation to achieve priority business goals faster. Tom regularly inspires an audience of entrepreneurs, changemakers and thought leaders at some of the world`s most prestigious conferences and seminars, including Abundance 360, A-Fest and Freedom Fast Lane. His deep passion for storytelling combined with his insights from building a billion-dollar company allow him to deliver powerful speeches that regularly receive the highest praise. We`ve rounded up the 50 most sought-after and sought-after speakers who are known for their in-depth knowledge of the business world and building profitable organizations. Rachel is one of the most sought-after speakers today for her expertise in entrepreneurship and the authentic connection she makes with her audience. As the founder and CEO of Motivating the Masses, Inc., Lisa has used her life experience and inspiring message to change the lives of individuals and the development of many businesses. Lisa`s nonprofit, Motivating Teen Spirit, has been successful in influencing 270,000 teens and helping more than 2,500 teen school dropouts return to school. Public speakers attract large crowds because they meet our need for positive reinforcement and inspiration. After two of the craziest years in our company`s history, we wanted to pay tribute to the resilient men and women who gave us the certainty of moving forward and providing a list, as number 22 Robert Kiyosaki would say, of “real” teachers – people who speak from experience. Our website is a great resource for meeting and event planners and offers a comprehensive list of speakers with discussion topics. Our agents have a total of over 30 years of experience in the speaking industry and can easily identify speakers by location, speakers by topic and the most popular business speakers to make you look like a hero as a meeting planner at your next corporate event, client program, fundraiser or association conference.

You may know Hill Harper from ABC`s “The Good Doctor” or CBS`s “CSI: NY,” but you should also know that he`s a leading humanist, author, philanthropist, and keynote speaker. Harper is the author of four New York Times bestsellers, including his award-winning book, “The Wealth Cure,” which explores ways to close the racial wealth gap. He is also the founder of the Manifest Your Destiny Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering underserved youth through mentorship programs, scholarships, and grants. He is the host of the GaryVee Audio Experience, where he shares his wisdom and insights on key trends in business and entrepreneurship. “In the business world, the most successful people are the ones who do what they love. » Organizational confidence expert, experienced manager and #1 bestselling author Stephen M. But who are the world`s most popular business speakers? As a motivational speaker for business meetings, his lectures focus on personal development and aim to help individuals succeed by identifying their inner potential. He is the author of 17 bestsellers, including The Energy Bus, The Carpenter, Training Camp, You Win in the Locker Room First and The Power of Positive Leadership. Barb Stegemann is one of the leading motivational virtual speakers, social entrepreneur, one of Canada`s 100 Most Powerful Women and the founder of 7 Virtues. Barb is also the author of the best-selling book The 7 Virtues of a Philosopher Queen, which has enabled women (and men) to start businesses, run for public office, and end bullying. As a businessman, he first broke through by turning an initial $40 budget into FUBU, a $6 billion fashion changer. Risha Grant is a leading speaker on diversity and inclusion, founder and CEO of Risha Grant LLC, an award-winning diversity consulting and communications firm, and author of That`s BS! How biased synapse disrupts integrative cultures.

Through her interactive speeches and in-depth training sessions, Risha teaches and empowers participants with D&I tools to improve their results. Known as a sought-after motivational speaker for business events, Les Brown is known for dominating a stage and delighting his audience with his powerful voice and charismatic charm. Scott Hamilton is a legendary Olympic gold medalist in figure skating and a three-time cancer survivor. Hamilton has won numerous awards and honors, including an Emmy Nomination, induction into the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame and the World Figure Skating Hall of Fame. His Scott Hamilton CARES Foundation supports cancer research and education, and he shares his message of overcoming adversity with audiences around the world. Hamilton`s incredible spirit and effortless charm always shine through when he stands in front of an audience, whether in person or virtually. All it takes is a single interaction with him, and you`ll see why he`s such a popular Olympic speaker. Doug Rauch, a legendary former president of Trader Joe`s, was instrumental in transforming the company from a 7/11 imitation to what Fortune magazine called the “hottest retailer in the United States.” In insightful presentations, he shares his ideas on building a great company based on culture, innovation, leadership and teamwork. It shows leaders how to push for new and better ways to perform, and the audience comes home with the knowledge of how to create a culture of autonomous innovation, build a brand in a competitive market, and lead with a single goal. Lisa has delivered her message to more than 30 countries and nearly 100,000 people and is the author of two best-selling award-winning books: Why Simple Wins and Kill the Company: End the Status Quo, Start an Innovation Revolution. His speeches inspire the audience to change and arm them with radically simple tools to get to the job that matters.

His speeches motivate people and revolve around improving leadership skills, the essence of politics, redesigning the economy and management skills. Marc Randolph is a leading entrepreneur and keynote speaker on innovation, co-founder of Netflix, angel investor and #1 Amazon bestselling author, and podcast host of That Will Never Work. He is a frequent speaker at industry events, works extensively with young entrepreneurial programs, serves on the board of the environmental group 1% for the Planet, and chairs the board of directors of the National Outdoor Leadership School.