Azar Law Llc 973-697-7400 (Phone) 973-697-0895 (Fax) “They treated my case without additional stress for my extremely busy life. I was referred to caring specialists and received the care I needed. I was treated with respect, care, care and honesty every step of the way. Azar & Azar LLC is a law firm that maintains a practice specializing in commercial remedies and collections. “Excellent representation from start to finish. I was really impressed with the communication, explanations, and service the FDA provided me. I would never consider using anyone else to represent me in the future. “I had a car accident and I hired these people. When I had an accident for the first time, I kind of got lost, but these guys helped me and answered all my questions. I had serious injuries when I was hit, but I`m glad they helped me.

When was your marriage heading for divorce? Do you find that your family concerns are shifting to the care and custody of your children? Are you concerned about the financial resources you need to maintain the lifestyle you and your children are used to? Are you looking for compassionate legal advice from a family law lawyer regarding adoption? MADE GOOD FOR DIANE AFTER SERIOUS INJURIES CAUSED BY A PICKUP TRUCK THAT DOESN`T RESPOND TO STATE FARM`S CLAIMS HANDLING CAN EXPOSE ITS OWN CUSTOMERS TO GREAT FINANCIAL RISK – AND IN SOME CASES, ITS ACTIONS HAVE LED JUDGES TO CONDEMN THE GOOD NEIGHBOR`S BEHAVIOR AS FRAUDULENT, ABUSIVE, MALICIOUS, AND ANYTHING BUT NEIGHBORHOOD. Aurora Office, CO Bureau Colorado Springs – North Office Fort Collins Bureau Pueblo, Colorado Bureau Thornton Bureau RECOVERS FOR RUSSELL AFTER HE WAS INJURED BY A NEGLIGENT DRIVER WHILE RIDING HIS MOTORCYCLE The company`s practice includes all counties in the state of Alabama as well as all state and federal courts. In the legal profession, there is no substitute for experience and dedication. When choosing a lawyer, you need to weigh your lawyer`s trust, know how and when to make the right decisions, know the intricacies of the law, know how to apply the law to the facts, and focus on the end result. At the same time, legal advice should be a practical and reasonable solution to your problem. For more than 30 years, the law firm of Edward P. Azar has been providing this type of legal advice to its clients. That`s what makes our office different.

Edward Azar has been an uninterrupted prosecutor in butler city district court since 1984. He has extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of municipal court practice, having litigated hundreds of cases across North Jersey. There are very few city courts in New Jersey where Ed has not appeared on behalf of a client. On March 31, 2021, after a three-day trial, a jury awarded Raphael $2.75 million in damages for injuries he sustained in a devastating car accident two years ago. The USAA is under investigation for denying and underpaying coverage claims related to medical bills related to injuries caused by a car accident. If you were injured in a car accident and received medical care, but the USAA didn`t cover all your bills, you may be entitled to more money. Sam Hernandez, perseverance and the right kind of legal aid made his journey to recovery a life-changing opportunity. Practice class action Liability for personal injury Liability for employees.