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Yes, we provide the application form in other formats. Please contact us at with the details of the desired alternative format. We will not automatically deduct a request if this rating has not been reached. There is room on the application form to enter any details you deem relevant, such as extenuating circumstances. For current BPP students who do not meet this requirement, we manage the Legal Access Program – please contact your career department for more information. Applicants should be aware that competition for placement programs and training contracts is fierce and that you will be competing with candidates who have met the requirement. Therefore, you need to make sure that the rest of your application form provides us with the best thinking about yourself and your abilities. You can find more information about ag`s careers, policies and culture here. Feel free to contact the early career team directly by email: Once you have submitted your form, we will only accept updated additions to work experience or academic results as long as we receive them before the deadlines expire.

These must be sent by e-mail to If you wish to change your personal data or contact details, these must be sent by e-mail to Lauren Roberts is an early career advisor at Addleshaw Goddard. The best advocates for our superior careers are the interns themselves. Read ( what four of them have to say about life at Addleshaw Goddard. When it comes to our early career process, we use Rare`s contextual recruitment system, which helps us identify top talent by providing us with context regarding the context in which students got their grades. For example, it takes into account factors such as whether they had time to take care of, whether they were entitled to free school meals, candidates` postal codes, whether they had excessive work during the semester period, and whether they had additional care responsibilities. We believe that by identifying these factors, we will in turn identify candidates who are resilient and hardworking and who have the ability to thrive at Addleshaw Goddard. Apply online at Addleshaw Goddard will work with you to ensure that all reasonable customization requirements are properly implemented.

We will contact you to determine the most appropriate adjustments for the recruitment process and ensure that adjustments are implemented as needed. Please contact the Early Careers team by email at: We are looking for people who are committed to joining us on a journey to provide GA services in a more flexible and creative way through AG Integrate – our pool of talented and independent lawyers. Outsourcing has become increasingly important in both the public and private sectors since its inception in the 1980s. We are more than just exceptional lawyers here. We attract enthusiastic people from all walks of life who bring their own unique qualities as well as a collaborative approach, professional drive and commitment to each client`s success. This is just one of the reasons why we are sure you will enjoy working with us. Our award-winning Legal Access Program offers brilliant BPP University Law School students from non-conventional or less privileged backgrounds a place in our summer internship program. 24 students of this program have signed training contracts with us since its inception in 2007. Don`t forget to include LawCareers.Net on your application form when you apply to Addleshaw Goddard. Starting in 2024, our cohorts of interns will work towards the SQE qualification before completing their qualifying work experience at Addleshaw Goddard. We offer great opportunities for lawyers to develop their true potential and we have some of the best work to attract the best legal talent in the country. Avoid copying and pasting with your app.

Each app has its own nuances, so make sure you can explain why you`re applying to that company – practice this on paper and also stating your reasons, as it`s likely you`ll be interviewed at an assessment center (at any company you apply to!). We work at the forefront of emerging markets, including real asset classes such as student residences, private rental housing, infrastructure and energy. A seat with this team will equip you with advanced skills focused on the future of real estate. We also offer a range of client secondments so trainees can learn more about ftse 100 companies and the well-known names we work with. We have recently organised secondments to London, Manchester, Leeds and Edinburgh and are always looking for new ways to expand our publishing network. Over the years, we have been recognized time and time again for our commitment to diversity. During our industry`s recent awards season, our diversity program received the following external recognition: Corporate Income Tax includes advice on the most tax-efficient ways to acquire, sell or restructure assets. Sponsored by Cooley (UK) LLP.

Technology, media and telecommunications are one of the fastest growing sectors of the legal market. Join us, and wherever you are based, you will work side by side with top-notch clients in a supportive yet challenging environment. This is a structured training program focused on your future success. We have also removed our minimum bachelor`s degree requirement so that a more diverse pool of candidates can apply to Addleshaw Goddard for apprenticeship contracts. webinar | Training in Scotland – what you need to know So far, the highlight has been the planning and implementation of three of our summer courses, which took place in Leeds, Manchester and London. It was nice to start a new job and start these programs right away and meet so many smart and enthusiastic budding lawyers. Aviation lawyers provide commercial, regulatory and insurance advice as well as litigation services to airlines, manufacturers and financiers around the world. We have also introduced blind recruitment in the application phase to reduce the impact of unconscious bias. The second part of our recruitment process is a voice interview rather than a video interview. We decided to do this because we understand that some people may be uncomfortable appearing on the video, or that they may not have the necessary facilities at home to conduct a professional interview – we want to make sure that these people are not excluded and can fully participate in the recruitment process. We also offer unconscious bias training to our recruitment evaluators to further reduce the impact of unconscious bias. Contextual recruitment examines the context of academic performance and identifies students who have exceeded expectations or achieved excellent results under adverse conditions.

We are looking for candidates who are passionate about a career in business law at Addleshaw Goddard. We want our future lawyers to be enthusiastic, motivated and committed. Teamwork is also very important for the company, so this is another key quality we are looking for. With the Easter and Summer internships, you have many opportunities to experience what it`s like to work at Addleshaw Goddard.