A Complete Guide on The Mistakes Done in An Escape Room Game

Mistakes Done in An Escape Room Game

An escape room game is an adventure-based game where the players are supposed to solve various puzzles with the help of the clues and the strategies to complete the task. An escape room can have a single large room or multiple rooms. These escape room games provide an opportunity for the players to explore and develop the ability of logical reasoning in them.

These escape room games are full of fun and entertainment. To enjoy these games, you can visit Lockbusters Orlando, FL, these games provide a realistic experience to the players. These escape room games are not that much difficult. You can achieve success in escape room games if you avoid the common mistakes which are mostly made in the escape rooms.

Mistakes Done in An Escape Room Game

Common Mistakes Made by The Teams

Lack of Communication – The success of a team depends on the communication and in an escape room game teamwork is very important. Proper communication helps in distributing the work to each member of the team, so it reduces time and the effort.

Team Members Do Not Ask for Clues – Sometimes you may get stuck on a particular puzzle, but you are not asking for help from others. During the game, the players do not have an idea about the number of puzzles they have to solve. At this point, if you are stuck, you can always ask for a clue. Before starting the game, the players should build the clue strategy that if you are stuck somewhere you can always ask for help from your group members.

Rooms Are Not Searched Minutely – Teams do not search the escape rooms properly. Each and every corner of the room should be searched like drawers, under the tables and chairs, search the codes on the walls, look under the rugs and inside the cupboards. The puzzle can be completed fast if all the pieces of the puzzle are collected.

Not Listening to The Intro Video Attentively – Most of the players are so excited to start the game that they do not listen to the intro video with full attention. The intro video provides you great help in making your mission successful, sometimes there may be escape room game clues hidden in the intro video.

A Lot of Overthinking – Overthinking ruins the game. You miss out the clues and this leads to losing the game. The escape room games are for enjoyment. They should not be taken that much seriously so that you are not able to work in a relaxed manner. The answers are so simple but they are made complicated by your overthinking process.


So, the above mentioned are the common mistakes made by a team in an escape room game. In order to enjoy the escape room games, it is necessary that you do not commit these mistakes when you are stuck in the escape room. As these games are meant for fun and enjoyment, it is desired that you obtain complete pleasure while playing these games.